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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  July 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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police say it took her mother days to call for help. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> right now at 11:00, the heat is on in more ways than one. look at the flames crews are battling right now. over the wharton state forest in burlington county. that fire has burned about 1,000 acres but no homes or businesses are in danger. the nighttime is giving us a bit of relief but that dangerous heat returns by tomorrow. >> right to chief meteorologist tammy sue sa. we heard about a lot of heat related illnesses today. we could see more of that. >> even overnight and tomorrow and into the weekend. what we have here is a first alert and it is because we have the excessive heat warning for all the areas shaded in red. that's the pennsylvania suburbs for for the most part. that's philadelphia, extending into portions of delaware and also south jersey. not out to the shore and not the southern-most part of new jersey. certainly not the lehigh valley
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or burkes keep the. the heat warning is through tomorrow night at 8:00. temperatures will actually be 95 to 99 and it fees like 100 to 110. it's the heat stroke we're concerned about. right now, we're still quite warm. 2 in philadelphia. 79 in coatesville. 85 in wilmington. trenton at 74. significant storms moved through there earlier tonight. feels like 85 in philadelphia, 93 in wilmington right now. the remainder of the night we're going to be in the 80s and wind up in the 90s by tomorrow morning for a feels like. we'll talk how hot it's going to get and big storms on the way when i come back. >> right now on, you can find a list of cooling shelters to get away from the heat. coming up, drew smith shows us the heat hot line that could save your elderly loved one's life. >> also tonight, why was this young girl's life taken so soon? nbc10 has uncovered new details
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what led up to natalie guenter's death. the mother is already facing charges in camden. >> now she claims someone else attacked her daughter. we're following this investigation from the camden county police department. the girl's mother is making some pretty bold claims tonight. >> reporter: she is, jacqueline and jim. the mother says the father of one of her other children beat her 4-year-old because she refused to eat. that happened on saturday and wasn't reported till tuesday when the girl's brother found her unconscious. >> she's not breathing and no pulse. >> a chilling 911 call reveals the moment lucy saw her 4-year-old daughter lifeless inside gupter's camden apartment tuesday. the operator coached guenter how to do cpr. >> lucy. >> yes. >> do you see her chest rising at all? >> no. >> five minutes later, the line goes dead. >> lucy? lucy, are you there.
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>> reporter: police arrested guenter and charged her with child endangerment soon after capping off an emotional 24 hours for the family who held a vigil outside the apartment yesterday. now, an affidavit shows guenter told detectives the father of one of her other children beat her while she was at work saturday. the little girl had a deep cut near her right eye and i an tooth knocked out but her mother didn't report it till three days later. the man guenter says beat her child is not in custody but his family was at the vinlal. >> have an account what happened to this baby. as long as justice is served. >> reporter: a neighbor who didn't want to reveal herself talks about a confrontation between that same man and her husband. >> the guy across the street had came up to him and said, i will beat your behind and your wife's behind. >> reporter: relatives say guenter's other children are in
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foster care. live in camden, brandon hudson, "nbc10 news." from 1995 to today, once again, o. j. simpson had her eyes glued to the tv. >> orenthal james simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. that will conclude this hearing. > thank you. >> two decisions, 22 years apart. a lot has changed for o.j. simpson during that time. but people's opinions seem as strong as ever. simpson was granted parole today after spending nine years in prison for kidnapping and armed robbery. that means he could be a free man in a matter of months. nbc10's keith jones shows us what simpson faces when he finally walks out of prison. >> jacqueline, we all watch this had happen live. at times he was combative and then remorseful as we now consider what happens next. >> mr. simpson, i do vote 0
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grant parole when eligible. and that will conclude this hearing. >> thank you. >> o.j. simpson emotional at his hearing, afterwards smiling and rare pictures behind barpz for decades he's captivated and confounded america. >> i've spent nine years making no excuses about anything. i am sorry. >> reporter: commissioners choosing not to consider many opposition letters from the public citing his acquittal in the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman. former prosecutor chris darden played a key role in that murder trial. >> he is the same o. j. i saw in 1994. he is still a narcissist and manipulative person. >> reporter: yet come october, simpson told the parole board he would like to go back to florida where he purchased this home and raised had his children. meanwhile, he still faces the court of public opinion. >> i'm thinking he did his time for that. he's paying now for what he did then. but to me, it doesn't affect my life one way or the other.
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>> i don't know why he's still in the spotlight. i think he should be -- we should forget about it. >> reporter: in the late '90s, he was found liable for the deaths in his murder trial and ordered to pay almost 34 maryland to the goldman family. they said they've received less than 1% of that amount. live at the breaking news center, keith jones, "nbc10 news." >> today police in chester county searched the home of a mom who vanished more than three months ago. first time state police searched the house in malvern. anna disappeared back in april. her husband said she left in a panic and never showed up for work. her family told nbc10 she canceled a trip to her native poland. family and friends paid their respects tonight to one of the young men murdered in the bucks county killing spree. a memorial gathering was held for 22-year-old mark sturgis. the bodies of sturgis, jimmy patrick, and tom mayo were found
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last week. the four were buried on a shot in sill bury township. that farm has now been cleared as the crime scene. today police packed up equipment and tools they used to search that property. police are also thanking the community for dropping off food and water to help feed all of the officers and agents who helped with the investigation. 20 years cosmo dinardo confessed to killing four men on the farm which his family owns. his cousin sean craft is charged in three of the murders. >> a follow-up to a story we first reported as breaking news last night at 11:00. police in vine land say two brothers drowned in crystal lake. today officials recovered the bodies. police believe the men were fishing when one of them got into trouble in the water and the other drowned trying to save him. >> we are getting a firsthand look at a police involved shooting in kensington last night. today septa police released body camera video of a tense
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confrontation. >> hands up, hands up. hands up! >> you can see those frantic moments when police encountered the suspect. police say the man was racking his gun and pointed it at officers when the street erupted in gunfire. the suspect has been identified as jose lebron. he is facing attempted murder charges after police found a woman at a nearby residence with a gunshot wound to the neck. he and the woman are both in the hospital. >> tonight faith leaders invited the community to a public forum at trinity memorial church to discuss two separate acts of racism after a noose was found hanging in center city. this was the scene earlier this month near 18th and lombard. you can see the noose hanging from the tree limb there. police don't believe it was directed at a particular person. police are asking for the republic's help to try to identify the two men in this surveillance video. investigators want to question them about the incident.
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tonight, there's a new top prosecutor in the city of philadelphia. earlier today, the court of common pleas named kelly hodge as interim district attorney. she served as assist isn't d. a. under lynn abraham and seth williams before heading to a private firm. she spoke about the signatures of becoming the first african-american woman to hold the post. >> i'm here to do a good job much i believe my reputation and the work i've done has placed me here. i find it's a badge of honor to be in a position as a woman and as an african-american woman and take the role of being the chief law enforcement officer for the city. i don't take that lightly. >> she rye places is former district attorney seth williams. he was jailed last month after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. his sentencing is scheduled for october. a major transformation. tonight cross properties hosted this construction kickoff party for the ten union apartment complex. it's the first in a series of buildings going up on the
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avenue. guests got to meet the architects and designers and check out the plans showing what the finished product will look like. coming up next, was it enough? a delaware county police officer speaks his mind after the man who tried to kill him is sentenced. >> buckle your seat belts. how one man's wild idea could get you from philly to new york in under 30 minutes. look up and win. what you should do if you spot this balloon in the skies over philadelphia. and the heat is going to continue to roll along. we'll be back in the 90s tomorrow. we do get a break and it may come at the expense of some severe storms. i'll tell you all about that right after the break.
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the man who shot a delaware county police officer seven times was sentenced to 33 to 100 years behind bars today. >> but the wounded officer told
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nbc10 the sentence was too light. officer christopher dorman asked the judge for a strict sentence. while the gunman dahntay island asked the court for forgiveness. he says he's lucky he survived the shooting last june. when it comes to attacks on police, a stronger message he says needs to be sent. >> as far as police officers are a target in this country and this world today and i think there needs to be stricter sentences on any crimes against law enforcement. >> after months of surgeries and recovery, officer dorman is back on the job. senator john mccain is vowing a quick return to washington a day after revealing he's battling an aggressive form of brain cancer. mccain tweeted i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support, unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon. doctors discovered the cancerous tumor following surgery to remove a blood clot above the senator's eye last week. mccain has been recuperating at
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his home in arizona. today president trump called him to wish him well. in a billionaire entrepreneur gets his way, you could one day get from philadelphia to new york before this newscast is over. elon musk says he met with officials at the white house today about an underground hyper loop from new york to washington, d.c. the total trip would take only 29 minutes. and woman stop in philadelphia along the way. musk did an above ground test of his hyper loop last year. the goal is to transport people in pods up to 700 miles hour. don't pack your bags yet. musk said he was given verbal government approval today but acknowledged the deal is mar from finalized. >> i'd want a lot more testing. > yes. >> looks good though. from underground to up in the sky. >> a hot air balloon caught people's attention in philly today. skyforce10 spotted, too. it's promoting the return of the hit musical "wicked" there on the side. the kimmel center is telling people if you see the balloon,
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snap a picture and post it on social media with the hash an tag wicket balloon. three people will be choseton win a pair of ticket tosses the show. >> the oldest fishing club in the u.s. head the first open house of the summer. the ocean city fishing club hosted family night. among the events, guests got a chance to take part in casting demonstrations on the club's 635 foot pier. it was founded back in 1909. >> hot night to be out on the pier and dangerous heat has hit our region. you need to know the best ways to cool down and stay safe. >> drew smith is live in maniac tonight. how are people getting help in this heat? >> the city has a heat emergency which there are special medical resources as well as cooling centers. people out trying to enjoy the night, the most popular place over here where you can get something cold. the young athletes from bishop high school are putting in the work in stifling heat. their pads and helmets only
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making it feel hotter. >> not a lot of space. it's like it's first down. you are dripping but you got to the fight through it. >> reporter: they drained these water jugs several times. and the coaches had water bottles in hand out in the field. >> we're making them drink. >> reporter: the heat is no joke. >> it can become very dangerous. >> reporter: philadelphia corporation for ageing is activating the heat line for the first time this summer. lines are open till midnight. >> i just wanted the nurse to call you. >> reporter: helping older people with emergencies. tonight the concern is for people inside with no ac. >> that's where we've run into a lost problems because the body can't stand to be in that environment for that many hours talking about days of this type of heat. >> reporter: it was a steamy grand opening at the oval on the ben franklin parkway. >> it feels like 1,000 degrees. >> reporter: many people opting for cold beer or frozen treat rather than sweating it out with these dancers. this is more like napping weather. meanwhile, hamming the heat in these food truck kitchens was
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not easy. >> how hot is it in there. >> you don't want to know. it's so so hot. but we're trying to have a good time. >> reporter: and the good thing about that heat line, they have nurses ready to answer your questions about your medications, maybe some of the symptoms you're going through. they can also dispatch a mobile team out to help. it's going to be one of those nights and one of those fridays. you're not going to want to mess around with this heat. drew smith, nbc 10 10 news. the heat can take its toll on anyone. >> that isn't limited to human beings. we'll show you video sent in by a viewer. yeah, that's penny the pig trying to squeeze into that kiddie pool. despite the pool busting at the seams she appears to have found a cool enough spot to try to get relief. we can all use a dip in the pool on hot days like today. >> the dangerous heat is back tomorrow. we have your neighborhood forecast. >> don't forget about your pets at home. not just the pig but your dogs,
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cats, all your pets need shade and fresh water and need to be kept cool just like do you. outside tonight, we to do have a hazy sky. 95 for a high today in philadelphia. the heat index right up around 100 degrees although some places reaching up into the triple digits near 110. 111 degrees. that was the feels like. wind gust 23 miles an hour. no rain fell in philadelphia. we did get substantial rain just off to the east. now, this is where we're going. we're 82 degrees right now. we're going to be 82 at 2:00 in the morning. we'll be 80 at 5:00 in the morning. a muggy night. what does it feel like? a little warmer that. feels like about 85 degrees in philadelphia. look at this. if you're in chestnut hill, you feel like 80. andorra delightful at 76. port richmond, you feel like 88 degrees. up to chess enough of hill, 80 degrees. it is going to be a muggy night.
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you're not going to cool off. tomorrow not much relief. shanksville will see 94. allentown 93. new jersey in vor hes 94. eg egg harbor 94. delaware firmly into those mid-90s once again. there's no relief. not even along the jersey shore for tomorrow. we could see isolated storms again developing in the afternoon. everything is quiet now. but oh, my goodness, look what came through earlier. this storm system up in buffalo produced a tornado. a damage path all the way down past philadelphia. we were at one point in the watch boxes here but it clipped right through trenton all of this damage you see, a lot of this is wind damage. up to 72 pile an hour wind gusts with that. it exited the area about three hours ago. here's where we're going to be going overnight. we'll be pretty muggy overnight. you'll probably quake up into the mid-70s to around 80.
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tomorrow to 95. we still have a land breeze going. then here we see pops of showers, storms coming through on saturday. saturday we could see stronger severe storms. look at this coming through at 6:00 in the evening and finally one coming through overnight and into sunday morning. so we'll have to keep our guard up when it comes to our saturday night and sunday. 97 tomorrow. dangerous heat. one more time we're looking at 92 on saturday. 90 on sunday. it is saturday in the afternoon and evening and into sunday we could see dangerous storms. 87 monday. finally some relief arrives on tuesday. 83 degrees. that's going to feel pretty good. guys? coming up, taking a gamble. a temple grad makes it to the final table at the world series of poker next. whoa!
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nice problem to have. what would you do with million.
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that's the question a local man could be faced with if he plays his cards right. literally. scott bloom steen is one of nine men who started the night in the running to become the main event champion at this year's world series of poker in las vegas. the temple grad and brig gan teen native going into tonight was the chip leader. if he wins he'll take home a cool 8.15 million bucks. we'll know saturday when it wraps up. >> he sure has that poker face down. >> what do you have coming up in sports? >> flyers gans get disappoint news about nolan patrick. what's keeping him off the rice right now. a healthy swing from howie kendrick as he works his way back from injury. that and more coming up next in sports.
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near record temperatures soaring into the 90s. i'm meteorologist with a few tips to help you handle the heat. count on it.
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this is "sportsdesk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> fans have been waiting to see their new star rookie get on the ice. they have to wait longer. nolan patrick has been recovering from abdominal surgery. he was supposed to skate today for the first time in weeks but that never happened. the general manager says he's now suffering from an infection in his face. no word when he'll be ready to return. we're just a few more days removed as eagles football returns to south philadelphia for the start of training camp. right tackle lane johnson is coming off a rough season last year. he was suspended ten games. but he's already back at work, check out this video he posted on twitter as he's working the rope at the gym. another key player returning this season is linebacker jordan hicks. it's only his third year in the league but he's quickly becoming a leader. over the next few weeks, his
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main focus is to get his teammates on the same page. >> yeah, you see it already out here opt practice fields. everybody, communication is on point. you know, at this time of the year, it's really not trying to learn what to do. it's how to tweak what we already know and make it better. so that's going to do nothing but take us to the next level. to baseball, the phillies will return home tomorrow night as they host the brewers. you can catch the game right here on nbc10. howie kendrick playing for the fighting phils as part of his rehab. his only hit a big one, he homered in the first inning. reading won 6-3. if he stays on track, he could be back with the phillies in the next few days. how about this fan at the red sox game today. in the perfect spot to catch a foul ball. but he can't hold on to it. so the very next inning and the very same fan with another chance to catch another foul
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ball and it gets past him again. you don't want that guy buying your next powerball ticket. a happy birthday to ben simmonds. the young star turned 21 today. lebron james sending out best wishes on twitter as he writes happy b day to my little bro. ben simmonds, that boy 21 now. let's go have a shirley temple many with a twist. we'll be right back. with a twis. we'll be right back.
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another dangerous day tomorrow with the heat. >> you're absolutely right. it's a day to take it easy.
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the shade, air conditioning, special care for pets. check on the elderly. we'll see a feels like over 100 and start to see things edge down for the weekend. we could see strong or severe storms on saturday and into saturday night and predawn on sunday before we finally start to wind down. i'm just looking ahead to tuesday at this point. >> look at that. >> that's the big break right there. >> that looks pretty nice. >> no complaining those days, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> no. >> none of that. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfeld. thanks for joining us tonight. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is up next. have a great night. pplause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- charlize theron, michael phelps, author julie klam, musical guest szfe


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